Works in Progress

Brandon de la Cuesta,* Lucy Martin, Helen Milner, and Daniel Nielson. “Do Indirect Taxes Bite? How Hiding Taxes Erases Accountability Demands from Citizens.” Article manuscript, under review.

Philip Roessler, Peter P. Carroll, Flora Myamba, Cornel Jahari, Blandina Kilama, and Daniel L. Nielson. “An Experimental Analysis of Mobile Phone Ownership on Poverty Reduction.” Article Manuscript, under review.

Lindsay R. Dolan, Robert M. Kubinec, Daniel L. Nielson, and Jiakun J. Zhang. “A Field Experiment on Business Opposition to the U.S.-China Trade War.” Article manuscript.

Adam Harris, Daniel Nielson, Lily Medina, Clara Bicahlo Maia Correia, Michael Findley, Jeremy Weinstein, James Habyarimana, Macartan Humphreys, and Daniel Posner. “Experimental Evidence from Uganda, South Africa, and the United States on Ethnic Identification and Ethnic Deception.” Article manuscript.

Darren Hawkins, Aubriana Wolferts, and Daniel Nielson. “International Diffusion of Development Knowledge: A Field Experiment on Officials’ Responses to Impact Evidence in Peru.” Article manuscript.

Eliza Riley, James Hodgson, Michael G. Findley, and Daniel L. Nielson. “A Global Field Experiment Motivating INGOs to Evaluate Impact.” Article manuscript.